Monday, March 29, 2010


I was delighted to discover that I am included in the new book "Sweet Illustration" by Eva Minguet and Josep Minguet from Monsa Publishing. I wasn't sure when the book would be out or what form it would be in so this is super cool. I am honored to be amongst such amazing artists! I am waiting for my copy to arrive and I'll post photos when it gets here :)
Big thanks to Eva Minguet for her continued support of my work.
>>Click here to purchase a copy

"Sweet illustration is a collection of the finest pieces of work by 22 female illustrators with very different styles and influences. Whether established professionals or up and coming newcomers, these women have shown us their original works of art in fields such as publishing, fashion, design, industrial design and publicity."

The artists include:
amandine urruty
marie blanco hendrickx
camilla d'errico
melissa contreras
tansy myer
katherina gschwendtner
kelly haigh
julie west
candy bird
adolie day
kat cameron
jade klara
catalina estrada
yumiko kayukawa
eva armisén
naja conrad
zoe lacchei
eveline tarunadjaja
jujus delivery

cover art by my friend marie blanco hendrickx (mijn schatje)

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