Monday, May 3, 2010

"Harajuku Ballerina" for Sweet Streets 2

this is my first piece for sweet streets 2. after looking at all the amazing fashion at i was inspired to put together an outfit that consisted of what I would have worn when I was say 5 years old. i love the creativity and exuberance of the people and fashion in tokyo, it really is magical and reminds me of the carefree, fantastical way i viewed clothing as costume, and as capable of transforming me into anything i wanted to be when i was little. i wish i had that same courage i had back then to wear all the sparkly berets and tutus i wanted!

i would love to visit japan again. last time I was there I was 7 and went on rides with Michael Jackson at Tokyo Disneyland. this was during the "Bad" tour. He had rented out the whole park and I think I rode the tea cups a hundred times in a row. Who's bad? ;P

all of my work starts out as a pencil drawing. i do everything in layers and blue tape is my best friend to piece it all together, kind of like paper dolls. this piece inspired me to draw my dad's amazing vintage leather jacket, which i am now restoring and hope to wear soon!


Wendy said...

Another fabulous fashion girl! Did you really get to meet Michael Jackson?! because that is awesome!

PS: Tutus should be uniforms not just for ballerinas but anyone who dares to be fancy and whimsical!

Tansy said...

oh yes indeed!

i also danced on stage with MJ! :)