Tuesday, June 28, 2011

magic piano

I was commissioned to paint a "magic piano" for a music video shoot alongside a children's string quartet.

Years ago I painted 3 AX-7's (keytars!) for the Shania Twain Up! Tour and this job brought back fond memories of that - a camping tent taking up my living room in Hoboken in the middle of winter, air hoses running out of my makeshift 'spray booth' to the cold, snowy night.

This piano was a pretty grueling job that devoured my living room for the last few days. I had to basically refinish this old brown Wurlitzer by sanding the entire piano down with my electric sander, priming and sealing it, breaking out the Dremel tool to sand and polish hinges, and then finally hand-painting and varnishing. Making my own stencils with photo frisket and cardboard really saved me on this job, due to the extreme time crunch. I think this turned out shiny, happy, magical - and I'm happy to have my living room back to normal now!

Friday, June 3, 2011

face in a box & yellow hair

i like drawing in thick black ink that soaks into the paper. fine tips, and extra sharp pencils. when stuck artistically it helps to pick up and draw with old favorites, like doodles from grade school - reviving that carefree feeling in your hand.